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NODA becomes the finalist of European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards

For the second year running, the projects of the Russian vendor NODA have qualified for the final round of European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA). This year, NODA is aiming to win in two nominations: “Best Implementation of AI in Customer Service” and “Most Effective Implementation of Technology”.                   

Two NODA projects contesting in the 2018 season have collected the necessary number of votes and passed the first round of voting:

  • NODA’s robotic services deployed at the Russian Post contact center have qualified for the final in the “Best Implementation of AI in Customer Service” nomination.
  • The implementation of Noda WFM at Fasten is a finalist in the “Most Effective Implementation of Technology” nomination.

In the first round of voting, carried out online, the judges assessed each case for a number of criteria, such as implementation aspects, improvements in customer experience, business effects, innovation, correspondence to the world’s best practices, etc.

For the Russian Post case, NODA implemented AI-powered robotic services to handle multiple standard queries concerning the postal item status. The voice bot operating on NODA technologies can recognize different combinations of letters and digits read aloud in various ways, which makes it possible to identify both Russian and foreign tracking numbers. The bot also provides additional information on the whereabouts of the neares post offices, their business hours, etc.

In the case of Fasten, Noda WFM technology has helped the company to plan the work shifts of 1,500 contact center agents, bringing about a huge economic effect. The implementation of Noda WFM, which predicts the contact center workload with a 95-percent accuracy, has enabled Fasten to cut down payroll costs by 20%. The project costs were fully recovered in just 16 months.

During the second round of voting in London the finalists, including NODA representatives, will present their cases to the judges in person.

The ECCCSA2018 Awards Ceremony will take place on November 27 at Battersea Evolution congress hall (Battersea Park, London).

The European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) is one of the longest running and prestigious awards in the European contact centre industry. In 2018, ECCCSA participants are contesting in 27 nominations.


“NODA is taking part in this outstanding contest for the second year running. In 2017, we entered two projects for ECCCSA awards: Noda WFM at GRAN contact center and Noda Contact Center deployed at Petrovich Trading House, and both projects made it to the finals in the “Best Application of Technology” nomination. NODA also takes part in other prominent Russian and international contact center industry awards. Quite recently, our WFM system has been highly appreciated by the judges of the American CCW Excellence Awards 2018. Besides, our products and contact center automation projects have won multiple times the Russian “Crystal Headset” award in various nominations: “Partner of the Year,” “Best implementation of Technology,” “Best Implementation & Integrations Partner,” says Mikhail Chereshnev,Chief Marketing Officer, NODA Contact Center (Russia, CIS).“On top of that, we are the only Russian vendor included in the Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide” on a regular basis.”

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